Changes for Consumption Tax Output

Launch Announcement: Specification Changes to Reports and MWS API in relation to Consumption Tax amount

Further to the recent announcements on “Specification Changes to Reports and MWS API in relation to Consumption Tax amount” by mass emails as well as “Notification” on Seller Central Gateway, we would like to inform you that it has now been launched as of November 1st, 2018.

For those who are using MWS to integrate Amazon’s tools with their own systems or packages provided by third party solution providers, or downloading Reports from Seller Central, you will see the following changes upon the launch;
1. Payment Reports/Finance API From “Tax inclusive prices” to “Tax exclusive prices” and “Tax amounts”
2. Order Reports/Order API From “Tax inclusive prices” to “Tax inclusive prices” and “Tax amounts”
List of the Reports/APIs

Upon the launch timing, when the shipment to outside of country occurs, regardless FBA or MFN, the item price to charge to a buyer will change to tax exclusive price as long as the tax obligation status is set as “yes”. Please note that the default setting for all Pro Sellers is “yes”. No additional actions are required for Sellers, the item price you need to set for listing will remain as Tax inclusive price. For those transactions, in your Order Report/Order API, the item price column will have tax exclusive amount, zero in the tax column. You can confirm your tax obligation setting from here.

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