Sponsored Products FAQ


What is Sponsored Products?
Sponsored Products uses targeted ads to give you more control over product merchandising on Amazon.co.jp by boosting the visibility of your products when shoppers search for keywords you bid on. You pay a fee for this service only when an Amazon shopper clicks your ad to go to the detail page where your offer is listed.
Where will my ads be displayed?
Your ads appear on search results pages and relevant product pages on Amazon.co.jp.
In what categories can I advertise my products?
The following categories are currently open to Sponsored Products:

Clothing & Accessories
Grocery & Gourmet Food
Health & Personal Care
Home & Kitchen
Major Appliances
Musical Instruments
Office Products
Pet Supplies
Tools & Home Improvement
Toys & Games
Video & DVD
Video Games
Will you display my ad if I'm not eligible to win the Buy Box with an offer listed on the detail page?
No. Only ads for product listings that are in the Buy Box are eligible for display. If you create an ad for a product listing that is not eligible for the Buy Box, your ad will not display to Amazon shoppers. Ads that are not eligible for display are flagged in Campaign Manager under the Advertising tab in Seller Central.


How much does it cost?
Sponsored Products uses a cost-per-click, auction-based pricing model. You set the maximum amount that you are willing to pay when a shopper clicks an ad for your product. The more competitive your bid is, the more likely your ad will be displayed when an Amazon shopper searches for one of your keywords.
How do I pay for my Sponsored Products?
When you enable your seller account for Sponsored Products, you provide a valid credit card. Amazon will charge your credit card for the cost associated with the clicks on your ads. Your credit card statement will display charges with a description of AMAZON.CO.JP.
When do I get charged?
Sponsored Products is a post-pay service. This means that a balance will accrue in your account as your ads accumulate clicks. The frequency with which we charge your credit card depends on how much activity your account generates and the daily budget you've set. Your credit card is charged when:

You accumulate additional clicks that meet or exceed your credit limit. Your credit limit begins at 5,000JPY and increases each time you reach your credit limit and you make a successful payment. From 5,000JPY it increases to 15,000JPY, 20,000JPY, 35,000JPY, and finally 50,000JPY.

You have a balance due for the previous month, regardless of your credit limit. You incur this charge on the third day of each month.

Remember: Your credit card is charged each time you reach your current credit limit. Your credit card may be charged more than once per month.
How does the daily budget work?
You set a daily budget for each campaign for your ads to be displayed. The amount you enter is the average daily amount you are willing to spend over a calendar month. For example, if you set your daily budget at 1,000JPY, you may receive up to 31,000JPY worth of clicks in that calendar month (assuming a full 31 day month). At the end of the month the average daily value of your advertising spend will not exceed your desired daily spend. However, on any given day you can spend less or more than your actual daily budget. For example, if your budget is 10,000JPY and you receive 5,000JPY worth of clicks on the first day of the month, you may receive up to 15,000JPY worth of clicks on the second day of the month. This would bring your total spend over two days to 20,000JPY, which is in line with your average daily budget.

Creating Ads

How do I create ads for my products?
With Sponsored Products you select the products you want to advertise from your existing listings on Amazon.co.jp. You then assign keywords to those products and set your cost-per-click bid. You will organize your ads into campaigns using Campaign Manager on the Advertising tab in Seller Central. Campaigns enable you to track your results at the level of granularity that makes the most sense for your business.
How should I select product listings to advertise?
Select the products that you want to promote on Amazon.co.jp. These can be products with a special offer or products that you want to display when shoppers search for a particular keyword.
What is the landing page for my ads?
When shoppers click your ad they will go to the Amazon detail page for the product that you are advertising.
If I advertise my product listing, does that mean I automatically win the Buy Box
No. Your ad is only eligible for display if your offer is already eligible to win the Buy Box.
What products are not eligible for advertising?
We do not support pharmaceutical products, adult products, used products, refurbished products, and products in closed categories.
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