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Make Your Products Stand Out

Why Sponsored Products?

Promote the products you sell on Amazon.co.jp with keyword targeted ads.

Your ads appear alongside the search results

Sponsored Products uses targeted ads to give you more control over product merchandising on Amazon.co.jp by boosting the visibility of your products when shoppers search for keywords you bid on. Ads appear below search results and in an ad placement on detail pages. Ads may also appear on both mobile as well.
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You reach buyers, not viewers

Highly relevant ads are delivered to very targeted searches. Amazon customers are there to buy, not just browse.

You pay for clicks, not impressions

You pay a fee for this service only when an Amazon shopper clicks your ad to go to the detail page where your offer is listed.

You can measure success

With Sponsored Products reporting you can measure and optimize your ad spend. You can see for yourself how your keywords fare and the return you get for each yen spent.

How it Works

1. Select Products

Select the products you want to promote.

2. Set Keywords

Let us choose the most relevant keywords for you or you can select your own keywords.

3. Set Budget

Select the maximum cost per click you’re willing to pay for your ad.

How shoppers find Sponsored Products?

1. Search Products

Shoppers search products on Amazon.co.jp.

2. Find Advertise

Shoppers find Sponsored Products Ads on search results and on product detail pages.

3. See Detail Page

Shoppers who click are taken to the detail page where your offer is listed.

Where will my ads be placed?

Your ads appear on search results pages and relevant product pages on Amazon.co.jp.


With Sponsored Products you don’t pay for traffic. You only pay when your ad is clicked. You create your own budget and pay an amount up to your maximum bid.

No activation cost

No subscription fees

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