How to Sell in Japan

Just 3 simple steps

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It's easy, you can start selling in 3 steps

We have made expanding your business to Japan easy. You can start selling in just 3 steps.

Step 1. Register your selling account

Quick Registration

Only a few items to start selling in Japan. The process takes only 15 minutes.

  • Your business info such as name, address, phone and email address

  • An internationally-chargeable credit card

  • Bank account information

Understanding the Japanese local laws is important as a seller on All listings and buyable products need to comply with local laws. There are service providers who can help you expand your business in Japan.

Quick Start

Start to sell your products

It's easy to start: HTML knowledge is not required. If you would like to sell an exsting product on, you just need to input a product price and quantity with searching the product. You can create a new product page if your product is new to You can list your products on both devices, PC and Mobile, for a single listing procedure. You can use the bulk listing tool to save your time.

Your selling account management tool (Seller Central) can be displayed in English, so you can manage your account and view self-help materials and reports in English, Japanese, and Chinese. Email support in English is also available. 

In addition to Japanese, English and Chinese, 4 more languages have been added to the Seller Central language option. You can view menus and help pages in Deutsch, Español, Français and Italiano.

Step 2. Ship your products to customers

Shipping Products

After receiving customer orders, you simply pack and deliver your products to the customer. Be sure to deliver your products by the promised delivery date and all extra payments such as customs duty charges due should be paid by sellers. Service providers can help you if you need a delivery assistance.

Fulfillment by Amazon

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) can ship, pack and provide Japanese customer service on behalf of you. With FBA, you will not have to worry about long lead time delivery to your customers and Japanese language customer support. Amazon takes care of them and keep your customers satisfied.

Learn more about FBA

Step 3. Receive your payment

Amazon's payment fraud protection helps you eliminate fraudulent orders for your products.

Payment for the order is deposited into your bank account in every 14 days. Bank transfer fee is owned by Amazon. You can be paid in your local bank account and currency with Amazon Currency Converter for Sellers (ACCS).

ACCS disbursement currencies are:
JPY Japanese Yen/EUR Euro/GBP Pound Sterling/USD United States Dollar/AUD Australian Dollar/CAD Canadian Dollar/HKD Hong Kong Dollar/INR Indian Rupee/NZD New Zealand Dollar/BGN Bulgarian Lev/CZK Czech Koruna/HRK Croatian Kuna/DKK Danish Krone/HUF Hungarian Forint/NOK Norwegian Krone/PLN Polish Zloty

Note: This subscription fee promotion of 10 JPY for the 1st month is only available to new sellers who register an account on by December 31, 2018. Amazon reserves the right to terminate this offer without notice.