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Reasons to expand your business to Japan

Reasons to expand your business to Japan

Be part of the world’s third-largest economy1
Japan has a population of 128 million people,2 with 70% of shoppers making purchases online.3 This makes Japan a great marketplace for global sellers.

Get language support
We offer numerous language options in Seller Central to help you manage your business. We also offer language support in select languages throughout the Amazon selling experience. Give us a call, chat with us, or email your questions.

Take advantage of Amazon’s FBA service
Online shoppers in Japan expect same-day or next-day delivery, and Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) enables you to meet those expectations. Simply ship and store your products in Amazon’s fulfillment centers in Japan and we do the picking, packing, and shipping for you. We also provide customer service in Japanese so that you can focus on growing your business while we handle your customers’ questions and returns.

For Seller who already sell on Amazon US,

NEW! Get step-by-step guidance for selling in Japan.

Get global support

Wherever you’re located, you have access to a world of customer support and facilities, including multilingual service providers and currency tools to help your business thrive. See how easy it is to start your Japan selling journey.

Multilingual assistance
When you’re ready, you can register your Japan Marketplace account in Japanese, English, or Chinese. If you have questions, reach our Seller Support teams by telephone, chat, or email.

Service providers
From tax advisers to international returns, we offer a variety of service providers on Amazon Japan to help you manage your business development.

Receive money in the currency of your choice
Start selling on Amazon Japan with the help of the Amazon Currency Converter. You can receive funds in US dollars and deposit them directly into your local bank account. Additionally, you can work with Payoneer to have your payments converted into Chinese RMB.

Get global support

View your global accounts information from a centralized location

Amazon Seller Central offers a quick overview of your sales volume and listing information across various global Amazon marketplaces. You can use the Sales Report feature in Seller Central to easily see your sales, product orders, and customer management details for Japan and any other country you sell in.

Global data
Sales statistics for the marketplaces you sell in.

Sales summary
Total sales over the most recent 7, 15, or 30 days in all your marketplaces (comparable across different currencies).

Total number of pending and unshipped orders for all your marketplaces, whether the orders are fulfilled by Amazon or by you.

  • When you click the indicator, you’ll see the number of pending and unshipped orders for each individual marketplace.
Manage global accounts

Buyer messages
Total number of unacknowledged buyer messages received in the most recent 7 days and indication of how many are older than 24 hours.

Listing messages
Number of listing messages for all your marketplaces.

  • When you click the indicator, you’ll see the number of pending and unshipped orders for each individual marketplace.

Get select product listings translated

Some of your listings may be selected for translation from to Of course, you can edit the translated content of your listings at any time. This will save you time and translation costs, so you can focus on growing your business.

Tip: Amazon translates popular products from to daily.

The Build International Listings tool (BIL) tool helps you sell globally by adding offers and syncing prices across Amazon’s North American and Japan marketplaces.

With BIL, you can:

Add offers in new marketplaces quickly: BIL enables you to get started selling in a new marketplace quickly by adding multiple offers to new marketplaces based on what you already sell.

Manage prices across marketplaces automatically: BIL saves you time by syncing pricing offers across marketplaces through pricing rules and automatic currency conversion.

Flexibility to manage listings across marketplaces exactly as you like: BIL gives you complete control over which offers are synced, enabling you to disconnect or exclude particular offers.

Please note: BIL does not create new product listings (also known as ASINs or detail pages). It only adds offers if the product listing already exists in JP marketplace. If the product listing doesn’t exist yet, the product will not be added. BIL does not manage inventory. You must make inventory available for JP marketplace in order to make the product buyable.

Manage global accounts

What you need to know about selling on Amazon Japan

You have the responsibility to comply with all Japanese customs, laws, and regulations, including applicable customs and taxes. Any goods imported into Japan are subject to an Import Consumption Tax. Some goods are subject to customs fees.

To sell on, your listings need to be in Japanese. If you are not familiar with Japanese, professional translation services can be used.

With FBA in Japan, you can provide same-day or next-day delivery and request related customer support in Japanese. Additionally, we’ll handle the picking, packing, shipping and customer support, so you can focus on growing your business.

When selling on, you’re required to provide customer support in Japanese. Our third-party solution providers can help with translation services.

When opening a new Amazon Japan seller account, you have several options for account payments. You can use a bank account in the marketplace where you want to list or you can use Amazon Currency Converter to get paid by your local bank in your local currency.

Third-party selling solutions to help sellers with tax, compliance, translation, international shipping and more.

(*1) International Monetary Fund, World Economic Outlook Database, April 2016 
(*2) Japan Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, State of World Population 2016 
(*3) Japan Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Usage Status of Internet Shopping 2015

Note: This subscription fee promotion of 10 JPY for the 1st month is only available to new sellers who register an account on by December 31, 2018. Amazon reserves the right to terminate this offer without notice.

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