Tools to get your business in gear

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Seller’s guide to healthy inventory

Everything you need to kick-start your inventory routine, all in one place.

Manage excess inventory

Get detailed information about storage fees, opportunities to drive sales, and suggestions to help improve returns on your inventory.


What is manage excess inventory?

What is excess inventory percentage?


Estimate storage costs and find opportunities to increase conversions.
Quick snapshot of your desired healthy inventory levels and actions you can take to get there.
Calculate the number of items you need to remove to avoid long-term storage fees.
Increase visibility and drive traffic to low-performing inventory.

Track inventory age

Use the Inventory Age tools to improve sell-through, understand how much inventory you’re holding, and see how long it’s been in fulfillment centers.


What is FBA sell-through rate?


View SKUs that have low traffic or low conversion and take action to increase sales.
Quickly identify aging inventory and get recommendations to improve sell-through.
Set automated pricing rules to mark down products when sales slow below a set limit.
Set rules to remove aging inventory before being charged long-term storage fees.

Fix stranded inventory

If your inventory is in fulfillment centers without an associated active listing, it’s not available for purchase. Explore our new reporting features to get inactive listings up and running.


What is stranded inventory percentage?


Improved tool to help you find why a listing is stranded and how to resolve it.
Breakdown of units in stranded status and what action to take to make the listing active.
Enter inactive listings here, and we’ll help you identify the cause.
Generate a stranded inventory file, update listing information, then relist products in bulk.

Restock inventory

Keep your best-selling inventory in stock with personalized restock recommendations. You can also adjust for future promotions and seasonal demand patterns.


What is the restock tool?

What is FBA in-stock rate?


Recommends reorder quantities based on supplier lead times and sales history.
Understand the right time to reorder your best-selling products.
Bulk update product-level inputs to improve the accuracy of restock and other inventory recommendations.