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FBA Fees Calculation

FBA fees are calculated from the total of Storage Fees and Fulfillment Fees. See below for more details on each fee.

Storage Fees

The cubic volume of all products stored in the Amazon fulfillment center is calculated based on their measurements (* 1) , and the actual amount of space required for storing the products. Fees are calculated on a daily basis for each fulfillment center. The following storage fees are charged per month only for the actual amount of space used. (* 2).
Storage Month
Storage Fee
JPY 7.800 x {[Product Size (cm3 )] (/ 10cm x 10cm x 10cm)} x [Counts of Storage Days / Counts of Days in the Month]
JPY 9.000 x {[Product Size (cm3 )] (/ 10cm x 10cm x 10cm)} x [Counts of Storage Days / Counts of Days in the Month]
*1 : The measurements of any unit will be based on the unit's size as properly packaged and ready for shipment to customers in accordance with the FBA Program Policies.
*2 : Monthly storage fees are rounded to the nearest whole number. The sums include consumption tax.
Example: A toy being stored for 30 days in June

JPY 7.800 × { (11.4×22.5×35.5) / (10×10×10) } ×(30 [Storage Days] / 30 [Days in the Month]) = JPY 71.024

Fulfillment Fees

The fulfillment fees include picking and packing your orders, shipping and handling, customer service, and product returns.

Depending on the product's (1)Price, (2)Size and Weight, the Fulfillment fee is devided into the four categories of [Oversize Product], [High Value Product], [Standard Product] and [Small Product].
See table below for more details on Fulfillment Fees.
FBA Revenue Calculator (Japanese only) allows to see comparison between the costs by shipping an order by yourself versus by shipping the order using the FBA service.
To see “FBA Fee Structure and How to Use the Calculator”, please click here. (Seller Central login required)

Fulfillment fee details

Quick-Check Fee Flowchart
※ It is necessary for the sizes of all three sides of the product (including packaging), when sorted in the order of (1) the longest side, (2) the second longest side, and (3) the shortest side, to meet the size standards. For example, the shortest side (3) of a package 21 x 21 x 21 in size would exceed the 20cm limit for the shortest side (3) o f a standard-size product, so it would be handled as an oversize product.

※ The FBA service cannot be used with packages for which 1) the total of the three sides exceeds 200cm, 2) the total of the three sides exceeds 170 cm (including 170cm) and any side exceeds 90cm (including 90cm), or 3) the packages that exceed 40kg.

※ Amazon will be entitled to make its own measurement of the volume in cubic meters or the weight of any packaged unit or representative sample thereof and in the event of any conflict between such measurement and information provided by the sellers, Amazon's measurement will govern.
Per Unit
JPY 226
0 - 2kg : JPY 360
+1kg : JPY 6
Per Unit
Oversize 1
Less than 100cm
JPY 622
Oversize 2
100cm or more - Less than 140cm
JPY 676
Oversize 3
140 cm or more - Less than 170cm
JPY 738
Special Large
170cm or more - Less than 200cm,
with each side less than 90cm
JPY 1,398
High Value
・Fees above include Japanese consumption tax of 8%.
・The weight in the table is the weight of shipment, and is the sum of weights of all items in a shipment and weight of packaging material. Weight of the packaging material for Small size is 50g and for Standard size is 150g. For Small size, when the weight of shipment exceeds 250g, Standard fee will be applied. For Standard size, the weight is rounded up to the nearest kg. The weight of packaging material has been defined based on average packaging material used for shipping at Amazon.
・An Oversize Unit is any unit that is greater in any one dimension than 45cm long x 35cm wide x 20cm high and/or weighing 9kg or more.
・Zero Fee Fulfillment is applied to any High Value units (a small or standard size unit with item price is JPY45,000 or more).
・In case the products sent to Amazon FC have not been prepped or labeled in inventory compliance requirements (sign-in required), the unplanned prep services will automatically be completed by our fulfillment center. Please see help page for more information.

Other FBA fees

Additional FBA fees are applied when using the following services. Refer to the Help page on the Seller Central website for more details. All of the following fees include consumption tax.
FBA Labeling Service Fees
FBA Labeling Service is an optional service in which Amazon labels products on behalf of the seller. The following fees are applied when this service is used.
Fee (Per Label)
Small & Standard
JPY 20
JPY 50
Return and Removal Fees
Return and Removal Fees will apply in the event of products being returned and/or ownership rights being renounced.
Fee (Per Unit)
Small & Standard
Long-term Storage Fees
On February 15 and August 15 of every year, FBA conducts an inventory cleanup. On these dates, inventory that has been in Amazon fulfillment centers for 6 months or longer will be charged a long-term storage fee per 1000 cubic centimeters (10cm x 10cm x 10cm).
Inventory cleanup dates
Affected inventory
Long-term storage fee
(per 10cm x 10cm x 10cm)
February 15 and August 15
Items in fulfillment centers 6 months to 12 months
February 15 and August 15
Items in fulfillment centers 12 months or more
Returns Processing Fees
Returns Processing Fees are applied when purchasers of fashion category products (clothes, fashion accessories, shoes, bags) make use of the "Free Shipping if Returned Within 30 Days" policy.
Fee (Per Unit)
JPY 226
0 - 2kg : JPY 360 ( +1kg : JPY 6 )
JPY 622 ~ JPY 1,398
(Differs in accordance with size)
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