Holiday Selling Guide

Here’s your guide to a season full of sales
JPY 4,900 a month + additional selling fees
Cyber Monday
6th - 9th December
Christmas Season
End of November to Late December

Try FBA and prepare for the holidays

We expect many more customers to be shopping on from November to the end of the year. The holiday season will be a great opportunity to increase awareness of your products and boost sales.

What's more, by taking full advantage of the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) logistics network, you can deliver items and further increase sales by capturing last minute shopping demands for each holiday event.

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How to start selling on Amazon

1. Register
2. List Items
3. Send to FBA
Nov - New Year
Holiday Campaign

Benefits of starting FBA this holiday season

You sell it, we ship it. With Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), you store your products in Amazon's fulfillment centers, and we pick, pack, ship, and provide customer service for these products.

You can start using FBA with just a single product, so meet increased demand during the holiday season by shipping your top selling items with FBA and improve your sales. Learn more about FBA>
Offer scheduled delivery with specified dates and times to capture last minute demands
Your products will be eligible for Amazon Prime and further appeal to customers¹
Offer your customers free gift wrapping and greeting cards services
¹ 75.5% of sellers said their sales increased for products sold using FBA. (July 2018, Amazon research, excluding non-respondents).
Amazon also offers Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP). This program allows you to make your products eligible for Amazon Prime, but you ship them from your own warehouse. Learn more about SFP ›

Recommended shipping dates to fulfillment centers

To deliver all your gifts on time, we recommend your inventory arrives at the Amazon fulfillment center by these dates.
Cyber Monday & Christmas Season
New Year Sale

Tips for a successful holiday season

Prepare in advance for each holiday season event

10- 12 weeks before

7- 9 weeks before

Select products

Make full use of FBA by selecting products that are FBA compatible to maximize your sales during this holiday season. To get the best deal possible, we also recommend selling products that are applicable with current promotions.

Stock up

To capture the demands of customers, ensure that your inventory is secured early. If you are using FBA, take note of your shipping dates to the fulfillment centers. Use the Restock Inventory tool and avoid missed sales opportunities due to your products being out of stock.

4- 6 weeks before

Final 3 weeks

Set attractive prices

By using Automate Pricing, you can always offer attractive prices for customers set within your range of preferred pricing. You can also further strengthen the appeal of your products by using the Coupons program.

Increase product visibility

It is important to set search keywords that are easy for customers to use. Use ads such as Sponsored Products as well to increase product exposure and get more sales.

Take advantage of these promotions

Ongoing promotion for new products giving you free storage and removal fees on
Try it today when selling new items on
Beauty, Jewelry, Watches, etc. A total of 8 product categories are eligible for selling fee discounts. Use these discounts to expand your selection on eligible categories today.
Let Amazon set up your first ad campaign for free (new advertisers only). You can now receive up to 10,000 JPY for free advertising. *Sign in with your Seller Central account to access this page.

Self-fulfilled shipments are also eligible for Amazon Prime

For products that are not FBA compatible, you can still make your products Amazon Prime eligible by using Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP).
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Tips for making full use of Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP)
Use SFP for products that are not FBA compatible Products that require temperature control or have a short expiration date should use SFP to be Amazon Prime eligible
Amazon Prime covered areas Check and confirm in advance with your shipping company to identify Amazon Prime covered areas to ensure timely delivery
Limit the number of orders Use the “Control prime order volume” function to set the maximum number of orders per day. Control prime order volume here >
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JPY 4,900 a month + additional selling fees